Blog Maritime Delta by Navneet Chadha – Hydrodynamic Engineer at Veth Propulsion

In the month of july 2015 I moved to the Netherlands to pursue my Masters in Mechanical engineering at TU Eindhoven and I never left since. My inclination towards engineering is partly derived from my family. All of them inspired me during my formative years and sparked my interest in science and engineering. So, it was no coincidence that when it came down to my choice of studies, the adage, “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree”, again rang true.

After my studies I began my career at Wärtsilä in Drunen. In 2018 I was offered a position of Research and Development Hydrodynamics engineer at Veth Propulsion and I took this chance. I have several roles in a single position; In my position I’m thinking along with the development of new and improved products, optimizing the flow bodies and bow thruster housings using CFD, Advising sales and customers regarding optimal installation of our products, prepare the screw calculations, determine resistance curves of ships and elaborate power/speed forecasts.

Working in Drecht Cities is so different than where I have worked in the past. Here I’m closer to water and the working culture is different. People are quite amiable at Veth and I get a lot of chances. Our Technical Director asked me if I would like to join one of the Young Professionals challenges of the Economic Development Board. I didn’t hesitate for a moment, because the Clean Rib challenge was quite an interest to me and my field of work. Together with young professionals from Iv-Groep, Oceanco, Koedood Marine Group and students from the TU Delft we designed a sustainable rigid-hulled inflatable coach boat for international top sailing, commissioned by the Dutch Olympic Sailing team and the Sailing Innovation Center.

Working in a group of counterparts from vivid companies gave me an opportunity to learn about them and their way of working. It also opened gates for future conversations. The most I remember from the challenge was the part where everyone contributed the maximum to make it a success and I am very proud of our result! I would definitely advice others to be a part of the EDB challenges as they not only groom your personally but professionally as well.

More info on the Young Professionals program and how you can join? Please contact project leader Marit van Heugten

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