• Business owners: Arie van Andel – CTO Oceanco & Rientz-Willem Bol – CEO Bolidt
  • Project coach: Michel van der Spek – Marketing Director Bolidt
  • Team: Oceanco, Bolidt, Drechtsteden, Van Leeuwen Buizen, Altronic, Maat Transport
  • November 2019 – January 2020

Companies, education and government in the Drecht Cities work together to realize an economically strong region. The Drecht Cities have a lot to offer. Companies are well-known worldwide for their quality, knowledge and solutions for complex issues in, inter alia, aquaculture, maritime products and manufacturing industry, yacht construction and inland navigation. Nevertheless there are also challenges. Companies in the Drecht Cities are driven by their core business, but are at the same time all part of the ecosystem within the area. A region which should attract as a whole. This is something we are all responsible for; companies, education, government and inhabitants. But, what is exactly the power of ‘Area078’?

The challenge

‘We should be more proud about what we make and do’, is a common saying in our region. This saying defined the base of the Area078 challenge: How can we turn people into ambassadors of our companies and our region? What do we need to make people, both employees and inhabitants, proud?The purpose is to create a region with an attractive force for its companies and for itself as a whole.

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