• Business Owner: Jan van de Wouw – IHC
  • Project Coach: Erwin de Looff – Oceanco
  • Team: IHC, Oceanco, Referit, Bizzomate
  • September – November 2018

Blockchain-based exchange of value can be completed quicker, safer and cheaper than with traditional systems. At the same time, the cost and size of the world’s trading ecosystems continue to grow in complexity. We’ve already seen the first steps in commercializing Blockchain technology.

The challenge: what can we as Drecht Cities do to utilize and apply blockchain in order to prepare our companies for the future? Aiste Petronyte, young professional Royal IHC: ‘The highest level of perfection can only be achieved when you work with the best within the industry, like we do at our companies. We are convinced that the collaboration with co-creators can be executed even better applying the philosophy and technology of blockchain in a collaboration platform that we call: ‘Yard Miles’. We believe that Yard Miles will motivate everyone to collaborate, which will result in an increase of safety, work quality and profitability.’


Kick-off challenge

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