Clean Rib

  • Business owner: Jaap Zielhuis – head coach TeamNL
  • Project coach: Joost Weeda – EDB
  • Team: Veth Propulsion, Koedood, Iv-Groep, Oceanco, TU Delft

A brand new team of young professionals from Veth Propulsion, Iv-Groep, Oceanco and TU Delft recently started the Clean Rib challenge from TeamNL Zeilen, Sailing Innovation Center and Watersportverbond.

The challenge is to design a sustainable rigid-hulled inflatable coach boat for international top sailing (and other markets) as a follow up on the research of TU Delft on the propulsion. The kick-off was at the Medemblik Regatta, where the team could experience how the coachboat is used during a real game.


Kick-off challenge

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