Cyber Security

  • Business owners: Wico van Helden – Cyber Network Drechtsteden
  • Project coach: Sjoerd Zoeteman – HBO Drechtsteden
  • Organizing team: Oceanco, Damen, Duurzaamheidsfabriek, Hoek & Blok
  • 12 September 2020

How can we minimize the Human Factor when it comes to cyber threats? The IT department gets it, but how can we create cyber awareness among other employees?

Many companies know insufficient how to defend themselves when it comes to cyber threats. This leads to the fact that business processes and valuable data are vulnerable to cyber criminals. Cyber Network Drechtsteden (CND) has the goal to create awareness among companies about the risk of digitalization. CND wants to create tools for all companies in the Drecht Cities. The Cyber Day was a one day challenge at the Sustainability Factory in Dordrecht. 30 Young Professionals came together to learn about the subject from professionals and victims, and to brainstorm about solutions.



This aftermovie is created by students of the Da Vinci college.

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