Incubation Center

  • Business owner: Sander Steenbrink (Boskalis), Marloes de Vries (Da Vinci), Hans Goossensen (Drechtsteden)
  • Project coach: Daan Wortel – Duurzaamheidsfabriek
  • Team: GKN Fokker, Damen, Boskalis, Heerema, Drechtsteden, Da Vinci, Deal
  • Date: July - September 2018

Bigger companies often don’t have the speed and flexibility to innovate at great scale. The challenge was to develop a process for an incubation center which rapidly turns ideas into actual business.

The team focused on the Technical Readiness Levels of innovations. Fern Teo, young professional Boskalis: ‘Our idea consists of a digital platform with a physical base at the Campus in Dordrecht. Ideas, corporates, investors and support from government and education come together both in the platform and in person.’


Kick-off challenge

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