Stretching the Future

  • Business owner: Rutger van Galen – General Manager GKN Fokker
  • Project coach: Geert-Jan van Oosterhout – COO Iv-Groep
  • Team: GKN Fokker, Damen, Boskalis, IHC, Iv-Groep, Drechtsteden
  • February – April 2019

The current stretch forming facility of GKN Fokker in Papendrecht is reaching its limits. In order to meet the demand for increased pace and higher efficiency of current and future work packages, GKN Fokker Papendrecht planned to open a new stretch forming facility in 4 to 5 years.

An ambitious team of eleven young professionals joined forces to provide a vision for the development of the stretch forming department. The team made a design for the stretch forming machine in Virtual Reality. Protogène Byishimo, young professional Boskalis: ‘Part of our design is the Fokker Intelligence System that will improve Fokker business management and performance through big data analytics and algorithms that transforming historical and real-time data into useful information that give insight to the future. For this, I could really use my knowledge from Boskalis.’


Kick-off challenge

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